YongChuGol - Farm introduction and history

For 20 years, I lived as a woman in a farm that grew beans and peppers.
As the eldest of eight children, he and his skillful mother made plenty of soybeans and shared it with several brothers, so he wanted to share it with more people at the recommendation of those around him, so he boiled about 300 kg of soybeans produced in the fall of 2003 with meju.


Meju was added to the Gudeulbang and roasted once a day, and the soybean paste was made with well-floated soybean paste and shared with the brothers and close acquaintances.
The following year, in the fall of 2006, about 500 kg of soybeans produced and 400 kg of soybeans purchased from a reliable local Agricultural Cooperative were boiled to make meju.
In 2007, about 200kg of soybean was sold as meju, and the rest was stored on a good day for the new year.
In June 2007, we obtained food license and conducted self-quality inspection of soy sauce and received a conformity score.
In August 2007, a business registration certificate was issued by the tax office.
In the fall of 2007, we bought 500 kg of soybeans produced in the Yongchugol area and soybeans produced in the Yongchugol area from neighboring residents, and made about 1200 kg of soybean paste, and about 400 kg of soybean paste was used.

The soy sauce tastes good, but the amount is small because it uses less water to make soybean paste-based sauce.
Gochujang is also made with red pepper paste, glutinous rice, soybeans, and barley rice grown every year to grow malt, fermented millet, and garnished to make glutinous rice millet gochujang.


Gochujang that has been aged for more than 6 months has been sold through word of mouth.
In January 2008, I attended a special sale event in Hamyang-gun at Hanaro Mart in Yangjae.
Meeting with customers there has been very helpful so far. You gave a lot of word of mouth.

I don't want to grow big.
Even a small amount will be made with sincerity.
We will do our best not to lose the simplicity of the countryside.
Thank you for your interest in our customers.
Come and play in Yongchu Valley, where the scent of wild ginseng is deep!