Purple 9x Bamboo Salt


Bamboo Salt was originally created by Korean herbalist, Dr. Insan in 1917. Insan PURPLE 9X bamboo salt is sea salt sun-dried, deposited in bamboo tubes and capped with mineral-rich clay. The bamboo tubes are placed in a pine-wood furnace and roasted 9 times. Insan PURPLE 9X bamboo salt is ocean-harvested using organic, sustainable methods. Insan PURPLE 9X traditionally takes over 3 years to create, following a painstakingly detailed method. The color may vary from light to dark violet. Insan PURPLE 9X is a high mineral salt that offers exceptional flavor and savory sulfur taste; it is a perfect replacement for table or sea salt.


Nature's Antioxidant

Powerful antioxidant that can be used daily to help your body naturally ward off the oxidation process and may reduce damage caused by free radicals.

Rich in Minerals

Insan Bamboo salt is an organic compound rich in 80+ minerals originating from natural sources. According to KIST (Korea Institute of Science and technology), in an analysis of bamboo salt compared to other salt, minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, phosphorus, and sulfur are abundant in bamboo salt. 

Promotes Healthy Alkaline Levels & Reduces Unhealthy Acidic Levels

Strong alkalinity balance of PH 11 + helps to restore our alkaline PH levels (7.35 -7.45) and neutralizes toxins in our body. 

Elimination of Toxins

After a detox program many people report substantial benefits such as improved energy, improved digestion, clearer skin, regular bowel movements and increased concentration.

Antioxidants are good for the body and can be measured by the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). ORP is measured by a positive or negative number. The more negative number is, the stronger the substance is as an antioxidant. For example, Insan Ultimate 9x Bamboo Salt has an ORP of -464 to 300mV. On the contrary, soda for example, has an ORP of +400.


Bamboo is harvested using sustainable methods.The trunk is cut so one end is hollow and the other end closed

The bamboo tubes are filled with the sun-dried sea salt.The open end is closed with a paste of pure yellow mineral clay. 

The bamboo tubes are then stacked inside the furnace and burned with pine firewoods.

While the bamboo containers becomes ash, the melted ingredients of the bamboo soak into the salt

The stuffed salt is melted and becomes hardened into a white column.The hardened salt columns are crushed in a hand mill and new tubes are filled with crushed salt and burned again. 

This unique process ultimately eliminates any impurities and toxins in the salt, adds savory flavors, and results in a rich alkaline salt with 80+ trace minerals.


For Cooking:

  • Can be used for cooking, seasoning, pickling, and baking
  • Grind crystals and sprinkle on your favorite dishes, ours is simple... enjoy with a hard-boiled egg!!
  • Intensifies the flavor of fruits and vegetables
  • Add to meat and seafood
  • Great for alkaline diets