Ginger Bellflower Root Licorice Tea (1.2g x 20ea)

Ginger Bellflower Root Licorice Tea (1.2g x 20ea)

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Ginger Bellflower Root Licorice Tea

Made with 100% Korean Organic Premium Ginger, Bellflower Root and Licorice

Bellflower, which is rich in saponin and inulin,
is also described in Dongui Bogam (an ancient Korean medical book), for protecting the livelihood of the Korean people for centuries.
Ginger adds terrific flavoring to the paste with many health benefits traced to the ginger root.
Licorice can be a tasty tea to help with digestion, making it the perfect after-dinner tea when you're looking for something to soothe your stomach 

Calm your body, mind, and soul with Ginger Bellflower Root Licorice Tea from Jirisan, Korea. This 100% natural herbal tea contains premium Korean bellflowers, ginger, licorice, and herbs sourced from a local village in Jirisan. 

Bellflower is known to be effective for treating weak lungs and breathing symptoms. Bellflower has a taste that is bitter and a distinct scent, much like ginseng. Saponin, the primary component of bellflower, strengthens the bronchial mucosa and has the ability to remove phlegm. Bellflower tea may also be effective for those who suffer from asthma, recurrent colds, coughing up phlegm, or allergic rhinitis. 

Jirisan Mountain is well-known for its rich soil, clean air, and pristine nature, which is overflowing with native Korean wild vegetables and medicinal herbs.

Jirisan Mountain's natural sun, air, earth, and water produce the distinct flavors and aromas of traditional Korean ingredients.


Ingredients: Dried Ginger, Bellflower, Quince, Licorice
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight